NFC Championship Game 2019: Date, time, TV channel & Predictions

If you are a diehard fan of the NFL, you surely want to catch up with your favorite team’s appearance. The date for the NFC Championship Game 2019 is fast approaching. So, it is essential to find out the necessary information to keep you on track. We are going to share the important details revolving around the NFC Championship Game 2019: Date, Time, TV channel, as well as the predictions. Let’s start it with the NFL Divisional Round.

NFC Championship Game 2019

NFL Divisional Round

The divisional round of NFC Championship game will happen in two events:

Saturday, January 12

8:15 PM ET – Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams live on FOX Channel.

Sunday, January 13

4:40 PM ET – Philadelphia Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints on FOX Channel.

NFC Championship Game

Then after the NFL Divisional Round, you will be enjoying the championship game that will happen on Sunday, January 20. The event will meet up the two winning teams involved in the Divisional Round events. The NFC Championship Game will start at 3:05 PM ET on FOX channel.

Super Bowl LIII

The Winners of AFC and NFC will then meet on Super Bowl LIII. It will happen on Sunday, February 3, live on CBS Channel

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The Predictions

Here are the predictions which we retrieve from our trusted source.

  • New Orleans Saints 9-4
  • Los Angeles Rams 9-2
  • Dallas Cowboys: 14-1
  • Philadelphia Eagles: 16-1

How to watch NFC Championship Game 2019

Both Divisional Round games will be on FOX channel coverage. FOX Channel will also broadcast the event of the NFC Championship Game. If you have been subscribing to the TV or satellite that includes FOX channel, you won’t have any problem in watching Divisional Round games and NFC Championship Game.

Cable and satellite subscriptions do not come cheap. The incredibly high price might have forced you to cut their services. For the cord cutters, you have plenty of options to choose. The FOX Channel is available through the media streaming services. If you are not up to media streaming services, you could also take the free over-the-air TV option as long as your area is covered. That fact alone makes the skinny bundle offered by the media streaming services is the much better option.

Most of the slender packets from the top-rated media streaming services have added FOX in their packages. The coverage is excellent. But you must know that these services have geo-restriction policies. If you are in the region where they serve the function, you might experience the blackout. You can, however, bypass the limit by using the VPN service. The trick is simple. Just connect to the specific server, and VOILA, you will get the access.

Most of these media streaming services also offer a free trial in which you can use their services without paying a single dime. Amongst the media streaming services online, we’d like you to check on Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, fuboTV, PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, as well as DirecTV Now.

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