NFC Championship Game will take place on January 24, 2021. FOX has exclusive rights to broadcast the match. Here we discuss NFC Championship Game 2021 live stream options and more. So, let’s started.

NFC Championship Game live

NFC Championship Game 2021 Info

Time: 3:05pm ET
Live Stream: Watch Here

There is no need to spend a hundred bucks per month on cable or satellite packages to enjoy your favorite sports spectacle. There are many ways in which you can choose to watch NFL games without having to subscribe to expensive TV or satellite experiences.

How to Watch NFC Championship Game 2021 live Online

The best option to watch NFC Championship Game 2021 Live Online is by subscribing to a media streaming service package. There are many providers who offer streaming packages around the world. But only a few of them are great candidates for NFC Championship game broadcasts.

The NFL Network is a must for diehard fans. If you agree, then you will only want to subscribe to the best provider. Sling TV has been the top-rated media streaming service in the US. Sling TV offers an affordable price of the package, but it does not carry FOX and NBC as much as Hulu with Live TV does.

However, you can rest assured that ESPN is available in the Sling TV Orange Package. Meanwhile, the NFL Network is available in the Sling TV Blue Package. This package will give you access to watch Monday and Thursday Night Football games through ESPN and NFL Network. You will spend $40 per month to enjoy such a service. Of course, it is much more affordable than cable TV or satellite subscription. The best thing about it, you can access it on any compatible device. So, if you are not eager to go to your living room today, you could watch your NFC Championship Game 2021 Live Streaming on your smartphone or tablet

The Blue Package of Sling TV also offers FOX and NBC in the select markets. You will want to check on their official page to make sure that your area is within their service area.

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NFC Championship Game Live Stream Free

There are two recommended ways when it comes to watching NFC Championship 2021 Live Stream Free

1) Free trials of media streaming service over-the-air TV.

Let’s discuss the first option in advance. We mentioned that Sling TV and Hulu are great media streaming services options. They also come with the free trial program for new users. You will have the opportunity to use their services without paying a single dime. And you can decide whether or not purchase their streaming package after the free trial is over. This free trial is also the perfect opportunity to assess their service and see if you don’t experience blackout when using the service in your area. Besides the two media streaming options above, you could also check other providers like YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, FuboTV, and so on.

2) Over-the-air TV

The over-the-air TV gives you the freedom to watch your local NFL team’s games for free. To enjoy this option, you will want to prepare your TV antenna. By then, you will be able to watch NFC Championship Game Live Stream Free in your area. It is essential to read the schedules in the official NFL page so that you won’t miss your favorite team in action.

For instance, the NBC and FOX will air the Sunday Night Football games. Both channels will also broadcast the TNF games with the exceptions of the 2nd week and the 3rd week. To get the coverage of those two weeks, you will need the NFL Network for the Thursday Night Games.

The quality of the TV antenna will also determine the output when watching NFC Championship Game live stream through your TV. Make sure you purchase the decent Antenna to enjoy the HD quality of the NFC content.

If you are unable to use an antenna for any reason, you could check Hulu with Live TV instead.

NFC Championship Game 2021 Paid Stream

For the NFL fans, the best media streaming service to watch the NFC championship game this year is by subscribing to Hulu with Live TV. Hulu provides fantastic channels like Fox, NBC, and CBS networks in select markets. The difference is that they broadcast in most areas of the country. That means you will have the privilege to catch all the actions of your home teams games.

Hulu also includes the ESPN channel in their package to give you the spot to watch Monday Night Football. Meanwhile, the Thursday Night Game will be available on Fox except for the weeks 2 and three. And the Sunday Night Football will be available on the NBC except for the weeks 2 and three as well.

There is a small catch, though. Hulu with Live TV does not come with the NFL Network. The NFL Network provides the games which are missing in the options we mentioned above. For instance, they would provide weeks 2 and 3 NFL games.

But still, with such minor disadvantage, it is much better than other options offered by other media streaming services. With Hulu, you can watch NFC Championship Game live stream in your TV market on FOX, NBC, or CBS in most areas. You will get most portions of Sunday and Monday Night Football games, as well as Most Thursday Games. In total, you will be missing six nationally televised games all season. If you don’t want to lose those, you may consider adding the other service which includes NFL network in their package. It might come heftier for your bankroll, but adding an extra $20 bucks won’t have to be a problem for a big fan like you, will it? After all, you can also check on 7-day free trials from Hulu until you do not doubt purchasing their service.

If you want to reach out to “off-market” games, you could subscribe to NFL Game Pass. NFL game pass offers you a nice $99 package for the season. This subscription gives you access to all games in all seasons. But there is a considerable catch here. You can’t enjoy it while you are on US soil.

You can watch every game if you are living outside of the US. But no worries. You can bypass this restriction with the use of a VPN service. With the VPN service, you need to connect to another server other than the US server. Then log in with your NFL Game Pass credentials. And enjoy the games. If do not want to buy a VPN service you can check NFL Pass.

NFC Championship 2021 live stream with Reddit

Reddit is the excellent community which you can join with. You will find a lot of free resources you could use to watch NFC Championship from anywhere you want. Beware of the suspicious links that refer you to an unsecured site. Only focus your search on the official websites.

NFL NFC Championship Game 2021 TV Rights

The key to catching up with the NFC championship game 2021 is to know the TV rights they have. With that guidance, you will be able to watch NFC Championship Game live stream on your phase.

The NBC channel will broadcast the Thursday Day Game. Meanwhile, the Sunday Day games will be available on FOX

For the Sunday Night games, the NBC will take the helmet of broadcasting.

The Monday Night Football will be available on ESPN.

For the Thursday Night games, you will be able to watch it through the NFL Network.

Keep in mind that some of the games will be on FOX for specific weeks.

There is no better way than following only the trustworthy and reliable streaming providers to watch NFC Championship Game live stream right from your place. It is essential to avoid any harmful or suspicious links coming from the third party since it won’t give you any benefits.

How to Get NFC Championship Game Tickets

The NFC Championship game tickets are now easily attainable. Gone are the days when you needed to wait in the line for getting your tickets in the ticket boxes. You can reserve your seats online. Keep in mind that it will only work if you purchase from the trustworthy and reliable providers like Vivid Seat, Seat Geek, Ticket City, etc.

There will always be surprises on the new season of the NFC. You surely don’t want to miss the opportunity to catch all the fantastic moments of your favorite team. Make sure of it by watching the NFC games by using our recommended options above. You won’t regret it.